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Covid 19 Scams

During these uncertain times, unscrupulous people are sadly using people's insecurities and doubts to prey on them with fraudulent posts, texts and emails. Please do not fall prey to them.

The scam that we may see more of is the email or text purporting to be from HMRC. They are informing you that, due to funds put aside by HMRC, you will be entitled to a tax refund. Unless you have heard from your bookkeeper or accountant that you are due a refund, then this will not be the case. If you receive any correspondence that you are unsure of then please do not do anything without checking with us, your accountant or HMRC. HMRC will never ask you for bank details or ask you to click on a link. Any text or email you may receive from them will be in the form of a request to log into your online account. A link to a BBC article with other potential scams can be found here.

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