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SKD Accounting can help you maintain control and run your business in a more efficient and informed way.

Financial Control

Once you have your accounts in order, you can use the reporting we provide to help you understand your business in greater detail. You will see where you need to take action to ensure your business succeeds, and where your opportunities for growth lie. We can talk you through the information and guide you on some of the steps to take - it will be just like having your own accounts department.

Credit control and cash flow

Do you know how much money you have outstanding? Do you know which customers are bad payers? Do you know when you have money available for making important purchases and when you need to cut back? Managing your credit and cash flow is a vital part of your business and we can help to manage this, ensuring that you are in control.

Costing and profit margin

Do you know if you are making enough profit for your business to succeed? We can calculate your cost and profit margins to help you maintain a realistic budget for your business.


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As an employer you will need to be registered for PAYE. We can help you with registration, arrange your payroll, maintain your PAYE records, and even help you to meet all the necessary deadlines.


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If your turnover is over £85,000 you will need to register for VAT. We can help you to determine which scheme is best for you, and help you to register. We can also complete your returns for you, and advise what payments are needed. If HM Revenue & Customs wish to carry out an inspection or need further information we can prepare any information you need, and help support you through the process. If required we can even meet the inspectors with you too.


If your filing system consists of carrier bags of receipts - don't worry, we can get them in order. You can present your records in any form - notebooks, lists or bags of receipts and we will turn the information into a standard and recognised format. Don't be concerned if you have neglected your accounts, as we can easily bring your accounts up to date.

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